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Polishing Car

Why Choose Us?

Let us explain..

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With NPC Valeting & Detailing, clients know exactly what to expect. We use products that have undergone extensive testing that always give the best results, all of them are Ph neutral and non caustic (acid free) so your vehicles paintwork, wheels and coatings are in safe hands.

Along with quality products, we also stick to using safe wash methods. We use the "2 bucket" wash method to ensure that contaminants such as road grime and grit is never transferred from panel to panel. Our cloths are also well maintained to ensure the vehicles paintwork is kept swirl free during the drying process.

We take pride in leaving all of our clients vehicles with the perfect finish, we use air dryers to eliminate water marks and drips from the harder to reach spots, and soft brushes to get into things such as door shuts, badges and air vents.

With NPC Valeting, you can be sure that you're vehicle is in safe hands.

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